What happened to good customer service?

2019-04-27 Business No comment

Many people are at this age, and they still remember to provide quality customer service to patients or customers. Whether it's a medical professional or an employee, a customer service representative in any industry, or even a national legislator or any type of professional who regularly interacts with the public.

In the past few days, good customer service has been temporary, not to mention the employer's expectations, and is always available to the public. Whether in person, by phone, by mail or recently via the Internet, employees are proud of the quality of service they provide to their customers.

Unfortunately, it is now a thing of the past. Employees in the same professional industry are providing terrible customer service. To make matters worse, the senior managers of these companies, hospitals or people with you not only have to forgive this, but also train their employees in this way. Whatever the reason, it’s not a mistake to say that everyone in the United States has experienced some kind of corrupt customer service with people who deal with them. There is no doubt that the public has or should be very concerned about this issue.

Why is this happening? Is there any good reason for this, or people become so ruthless that they no longer care about how they treat others? In the past, this behavior did happen to someone occasionally. These employees are usually warned as a result. Today, poor customer service is now common among employees and executives. It was allowed to continue and did nothing.

So, what steps can be taken to alleviate the bad customer service in the United States? First, the public needs to take a position and decide not to endure it. Second, management employees must care and refuse to allow employees to treat employees in this way. This can include improving sensitivity training when hiring employees and updating courses throughout their careers. In addition, when employees are rude and rude to customers, the punishment must be automatic and rigorous. Legislation alone cannot solve this terrible problem. In general, people must start caring for their fellow citizens again.

One thing is for sure! With regard to this terrible trend, immediate action must be taken. Treating others in such a harsh manner should be considered a moral error. We also need to re-respect. When people don't respect each other, the result will only be bad. Compassion is another factor, people no longer sympathize with each other. Parents also have a lot of things related to this situation. Behaviors such as lack of respect and compassion have often been taught to parents by parents and sometimes grandparents. Why is this no longer the case? If no one takes any measures to restore good customer service to the public, we will definitely be destined to be a country! Think about this!

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