What happens when your spouse moves out and you start reconnecting?

I sometimes hear people who are surprised by how their military separation is painted. Many people are prepared for the worst, and worry that this separation will actually lead to divorce. Therefore, the fact that things have improved can be a huge relief. But it can also leave you with more questions than answers.

I heard from a wife: "I bought my husband's teeth and nails about separation. There is no choice. I suspect that because of my fear and resentment, the situation between us will get worse. He seems to be looking forward to it. Seeing me, he appreciates me more. Our relationship has actually become interesting again, we are flirting with the storm. Again, but obviously we can't go on like this forever. Marriage will return. What is the best since your marriage is actually Better, then you are separated?"

People often claim that separation is only the first step on the road to divorce, but this is not the case. Many people actually saw an improvement in their relationship, and some of them even saved their marriage. However, if you are one of the lucky couples who see this improvement, then it is very important that you don't move too fast and take advantage of the improvements you see. Below, I will provide some tips on how to best handle this situation.

Enjoy your success, but don't be affected by it: from

 Of course, when you suddenly contact your spouse and flirt again, you will be very excited. When you are apart, it is preferable to avoid each other or keep fighting.

But, although you can feel this, make sure you realize that if you don't make any changes to anything that leads to your separation, then when you try to reconcile or when he has a problem, you will face The same old problem reappears at risk. Moved in.

Now, things may be good, because you only focus on the chemistry and improvement between you, and naturally happen when you miss each other. I do not blame you. When things are going well, no one is willing to correct their problems. However, please make sure that after reconnecting, you first need to access the questions that are here for you.

Don't rush to do things and risk recurrence: from

 Many people will see these improvements and think it means they should get back together immediately, or they should hurry to get their spouse back home. They don't want to be separated from their spouse for another day. This is what you have to remember. Although the situation seems to be good, you probably shouldn't push too many things too early to beat your cards. You have the rest of your life living with your spouse and participating in your marriage. So make sure it is right before you let him come back more.

Because frankly, now you may be in a honeymoon period, thinking about the risks of losing each other. However, once your spouse moves back and you try to continue as a married couple, you lose the scarcity that helps you stay in touch. So don't rush, you don't want to be eager for success. If things are good between you, why not build on it, but take risks before you decide? There is nothing wrong with continuing, especially when you enjoy yourself. Your road may become clear at some point. But now, if you enjoy yourself and want to see more of each other, why should you rock the boat early in the game? The forbidden fruit can be sweeter, so I often recommend that couples taste it as much as possible, as doing so will often help your recovery.

Make things as good as possible and as clear as possible, as they may be before your goal from

 It should be set so that when you both move back together and become married couples again, you are giving yourself the best chance of success. So don't hide the real problem or let your troublesome area wait. Explore these issues in a positive way when your relationship is strong enough to withstand it. I hope that the glue and reconnection you make will make your problem look smaller and therefore easier to manage. And, when you grow so good, you can solve problems in a more fun and easier way, you can really solve them and move on.

I want to make a final point. Remember, you are in a good position. Many couples actually regress or more when they are separated. In fact, you are not a good thing, it gives you a great opportunity to enjoy and enjoy this time, rather than rushing for success.

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