What is online marketing?

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Before I go into detail, let me answer one of the most common questions, perhaps the most basic one: "What is online marketing?"

In 2009, my mentor, the only Mr. Jobet Pedroso, taught me the definition of this theme. He says:

“Internet marketing is a system that moves products from the factory to the consumer and through the users, retailers and network builders.”

Let us break this definition. First of all, internet marketing is a system. The system is nothing more than a standardized set of tools and instructions that you must follow to get your business up and running. A good example is a company called McDonald's. People eat at McDonald's not because of burgers and chips. Because of the predictable experience, speed and price, people eat there. This is the system of McDonald's. Rick Rock has perfected and sold the system to franchise owners, which will always turn beef into cash. After all, franchise owners did not buy this business because their mission was to provide the best burgers and chips in town. They bought this business to make money. In online marketing, you sell a proven money making system to a new distributor, and then the marketing system will move the company's products. Therefore, our job is to market a system to new dealers, promote the company's products, and then teach them leadership and skills to promote more money-making systems for future buyers [dealers].

The second thing we want to discuss is the product. This product is the backbone of an online marketing company. This product is a source of revenue for all dealers. However, the product must move or no one gets paid! If an online marketing company has a product that is marketed, the company is considered legal. If a company does not have a product, then it is considered illegal, most commonly known as pyramid fraud. The products will come from product suppliers that the company cooperates with. Often, the products they sell are highly consumables because people buy this product weekly or monthly. Examples of these are food supplements, beverages, soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and cleaning detergents. These products are sold directly to consumers by consumers [distributors]. Compared to traditional businesses, this business does not require a middleman, then a wholesaler, then a retailer, and then a final consumer. A dealer who should pay for the advertising expenses to the dealers themselves or their organizations for successful sales transactions. The money they make here is often called a commission. These dealers often use word of mouth advertising to promote their products and the business itself.

The third and final thing we want to discuss is that online marketing is an organization of three types of people. they are:

Users – These people often use these products. They may be a list of enthusiastic customers from dealers or dealers who regularly use these products. The most likely reason for them to join your organization is to buy products wholesale [price discounts]. At least 60% of organizations are made up of users. We must keep in mind that the products we talked about before are the backbone of the company. However, it must move or no one gets paid. Users are a very important part of the organization. Users enjoy the benefits of the product, but usually do not receive monetary rewards for the business. They are the lowest-paid people in online marketing [revenues of about $50 to $100 a month].

Retailers – these people make up 30% of the organization. These people are the "salespeople" in your team. Although you don't have to be a good salesperson in online marketing, you will meet someone who really likes to sell anything in the sun. Retailers also help with product movement. These people earn profits and commissions from their sales [monthly income of about $500 to $1,000].

Network builders – These people earn large amounts of cash in online marketing [maximum income of $20,000 – $100,000 per month!], because unlike the first two, they have established an organization of three types of online marketers. It only accounts for 10% of the organization, because it is not so easy to become a network builder. More people fail than just being alone. Network Builders is produced through extensive training and business exposure. They are often referred to as leaders. They believe that they can achieve their personal dreams and achieve great achievements in this industry. This is not easy, but it is beneficial. These people enjoy both financial and time freedom. These people inspire many people to be one of them.

The next question is, which three do you want to be in this industry?

Now you have some understanding of internet marketing. Internet Marketing has a system that can help you succeed from start to finish. Always remember that products are the backbone of the company. The product must be moved or no one gets paid! You now know the different types of people in the industry. You need to decide which of the three types you want.

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