What is the role of sponsors in the online marketing business?

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What is the quality of a good team member?

The role of the sponsor is not to build a business for their team members. A good sponsor will guide their team and show them how to replicate a successful system. After that, the work is done by the team members.

How many times have you heard that some MLM members have not succeeded because of their sponsors?

They complain that their sponsors did not respond to emails or give them good guidance. Or they will complain that they have never received any sponsorship since the signing.

When I heard someone complaining about their sponsors, I immediately thought that they were not responsible for their actions, just as they were a child who needed everything.

Anyone who thinks they are unsuccessful is because they think they think it is a bad sponsor and they are not very interested in building their own business.

If they are, they will find other resources to help them.

The role of the sponsor is not to build a business for you.

That is not their responsibility.

Their responsibility is to guide. Every new member is responsible for reading and learning. The most successful internet marketing companies can easily seek help from multiple sources so that no one can rely on sponsors to succeed.

For example, I have a less active sponsor and have not done much to help. He is a good person and we keep in touch through some social media sites.

But because he lost interest in the business and turned to other things, he is not a good sponsor. He even admits that we laughed through our online chat on Facebook. But he is a good person.

That's the thing – you don't need a "good" sponsor to get your business!

If you happen to join a pyramid scheme and be assigned to someone as a sponsor, then you really have no choice who your sponsor will be and how active or inactive they will eventually become!

You know, no matter what business you do, we start with a new team member of the sponsor. Sometimes, sponsors may opt out of the program on their own, leaving you with no sponsors at all.

Then what do you do, quit? No.

If you enter the Team Leader level, it's because you work for it and use your own brain to find something useful to you, not to be useful to your sponsor, or simply rely on your sponsor to tell you what to do.

If you don't go anywhere in the company or resign, you can only blame yourself.

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