What is video marketing, what you need and the type of video marketing

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Video marketing reflects the inclusion of videos in your marketing campaign so that you can advertise your company, product or service.

Companies using such internet

Ads use content from their own articles and other text sources to create short videos about specific topics they want to advertise.

These videos are then uploaded to various video sharing sites.

How does this work?

Not only can you create a video and send it to YouTube and hope to get the best results. You must develop an action plan that must follow the steps below, which is a very important step you can't miss.

There are 4 basic steps you need to follow to get video marketing work: research, creation, publishing, and advertising.

the study

Your video must contain a clearly defined message. Consider your audience needs, they spend time and more. One idea is to choose a theme that performs well in different content formats and convert it to video.


After selecting the appropriate content, convert your main ideas into scripts and practice reading aloud. When you read, look for places that are not correct from your mouth and change them to sound more conversational.

Use your webcam, iPhone or any tool you have to record your own reading scripts. The most important thing here is to have high quality content.


Upload your video to as many video sharing sites as possible and embed it on your website or blog. You should also share links on as many social networks as possible.


There are different ways to advertise your video. It is highly recommended that you use social media to reach the target audience you want. You can use PPC [pay per click] on YouTube and Facebook. Also, using Google and YouTube for SEO is a good idea.

What elements do you need?

Google Keyword Tool. It's a great tool for finding search terms and new keyword suggestions.

In addition, there are Google Trends, which can help you learn the most popular words or expressions you have recently searched. It shows the frequency of searching for specific expressions in different parts of the world and in various languages.

There are online tools to provide video from

create Services such as Flixpress, PowToon, GoAnimate, or you can use offline tools like Camtasia, Explaindio and VideoMakerFX.

For from

publishing For your videos, you can use some important video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo or social networking sites. These currently allow video to be published, or use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

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ad For your video, you can go to a PPC network, such as a Facebook video ad or a YouTube video ad. You can even learn how to place YouTube videos at the top of Google Search and even find services that can do this for you.

What type of marketing purpose video?

Choose from a variety of video styles based on your specific business goals, choose the one you like the most.

Talking video

This is what most people think of when thinking about video. Basic "head and shoulders", straight to the camera, standard shooting. Talking head video is very popular because it works.

Interview video

In addition to talking to you, you can add another person and make it an interview video. The interview video can be two or more people on the camera.

Interview videos can be easily created using Skype, Google Hangouts or Oovoo.com.

Live webcast video

This provides the ability to interact with the viewer in real time. If you have a webcam and ideas, you can make a webcast anytime, anywhere.

PowerPoint video

Because of its simplicity, narrative PowerPoint video is a very popular format. You can use PowerPoint or Keynote for Mac.

Prompt series video

If you want to build your own location on YouTube, the Tips Collection is perfect for you. In addition, video tips help you build your own niche experts and build your own credibility.

Sales video

This video includes a PowerPoint with sound or simple text and narration.

Live demo video [on the camera]

Demonstration on the camera is the most effective video you can make. It can be as simple as live teaching on a camera. You can use resources to help you pass on your ideas, such as whiteboards.

Launched a series of videos

These videos usually appear before the sales video in the release sequence of three to four videos. The idea is to provide value and build credibility before releasing the final "tone" video at the end of the series.

Customer witness video

Witness video is powerful. You can advertise these products or services by embedding them on your website or sales page.

Teaching / webinar video

You can use a recorded webinar to sell or distribute videos using Camtasia or any other software you like. You can post a video webinar on YouTube or on your own website.

Animated video

Video authoring sites like XtraNormal.com and GoAnimate.com open up new possibilities for creating their own comics.

Video email

This is a great way to connect and interact with customers, collections or potential customers. It can be done by simply using your webcam. Recording and sending video emails is easy. There are free websites offering this service, such as MailVu.com or Eyejot.com. Video emails provide a powerful, personalized touch that sets you apart.

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