What type of construction safety equipment should you prepare?

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Preparing the right type and a sufficient number of construction safety equipment is one of the important steps that must be taken to ensure safety during construction in the workplace or chemical plant.

You can rely on your daily safety equipment to meet the requirements of construction safety equipment. But this is not enough. Take a moment to think about it. Your daily plant operations are very different from the construction work. You will need different types of security devices.

Failure to perform proper construction safety equipment will endanger the safety of your construction workers, employees and factory facilities.

Hazard identification is a key step

To ensure that you have the right type and number of equipment, you must first identify all the hazards associated with construction work. Describe in detail the construction work to make hazard identification work easier. And make sure there are no remnants in your hazard identification.

The risk assessment following the hazard identification results should give you a clear picture of the construction period. Therefore, you can prepare your equipment with confidence.

Available type

What type of building safety equipment you need depends on the nature of the construction work that will be completed. As a reminder, here are some common types you should prepare.

Head protection: construction helmets, construction helmets, industrial helmets, industrial safety helmets, safety helmets, mask sun visors, welding helmets and welding masks.

Eye protection: goggles, chemical splash goggles, transparent safety glasses, safety goggles, safety goggles, safety goggles, welding goggles and goggles.

Hearing protection: earplugs, earpieces, electronic earmuffs, electronic earmuffs with radio, disposable earplugs, firing earmuffs, reusable earbuds and foam earplugs.

Respiratory protection: dust masks, dust masks, respirator masks, particle masks, n95 masks, half masks, disposable masks, masks, filter cartridges, respirator cartridges, etc.

Hand protection: welding gloves, work gloves, PVC dot gloves, leather gloves and driver gloves.

Foot protection: safety shoes and boots.

Fall protection: seat belts, seat belts, industrial safety belts, half waist belts, full body industrial safety belts, etc.

Gas detectors: Lowe Explosive Limit detectors, oxygen detectors, etc.

Other: safety signs, protective barriers, seat belts, ventilation, knee pads, fire extinguishers, etc.

Although construction safety equipment is very important, always remember that you cannot rely on them alone. The first thing you should do is how to reduce the dangers of the building area.

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