Where can I find unbiased news?

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When it comes to understanding what is happening in the world around us, whether it's global news coverage, national politics, economics or other current issues, many people today have encountered one of two problems:

The first problem is information overload. There are many different sources of news that often portray world events from different perspectives, highlight different issues, and support [clearly or implicitly] a particular political position, making it almost impossible to know where to look. Faced with this, many people may become cynical or completely out of all this information.

The second issue is due to the strengthening of social management and niche media. Maybe you have a website you like, look at the world like you, maybe you have read the story that a friend recommended to you. In this case, you may find yourself reading only the stories that confirm your worldview and only the facts and arguments that support your own political views.

Between these two things, it is difficult to get a clear, reliable, concise and accurate picture of the day's major news reports or major issues facing the world.

If you are concerned about this and want to have an accurate and fair view of what is happening in the world and in the news, then the most important thing is to recognize the issues that you are most likely to encounter, so you can take steps to resolve them. it. You should also remember that no single source of news can be 100% unbiased. Even if it is not intentional, some kind of prejudice will always spread. This may be just because of space – the author can't include every significant fact in the article, and the editor can't publish each story, so the choice of facts and stories always introduces some form of bias. In addition, many news reports will somehow contain the political views of their authors.

The next step is to avoid sources of news that are clearly biased or that are known to support a certain political bias. If you can find a few news sites, TV shows or newspapers that at least try to be unbiased, then this will serve you well – and you don't need to read every day, or each read the same story. I think that just switching between news sources occasionally can really help you get an objective current point of view.

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