Why do everyone get hurt in the rebound relationship?

You may be considering a rebound relationship, so you need to know why everyone can get hurt in the rebound relationship.

Let's take a look at the definition of a bounce relationship – this is a relationship that a person will participate shortly after their previous disintegration. In this relationship, up to four people are affected – the newcomers and the partners they have recently established relationships with.

There may be many reasons to start this new relationship, one of which is to hurt their previous partners or try to get them back. This is unfair to new partners or their former partners, and may be counterproductive, so in general, in this case, no one will win and everyone will be further hurt.

Another reason is that suddenly single people don't want to be alone, so in order not to rely on themselves, quickly enter another relationship. Suddenly I found that the single person seems to attract the same person, so two people who have just left the relationship can quickly jump into another person.

The rebound relationship has many shortcomings or problems that need attention.

– People often get unresolved issues from their previous relationships and may soon be unable to resolve them and bring them into new relationships.

– People can jump into these erroneous relationships and share the common pains of love, so the relationship itself is not sustainable and relatively short-lived.

– People can use these relationships to cover up their injuries and avoid dealing with them, but still need to solve their feelings about this relationship and lost love. When they start dealing with these emotions, they may find that they have “beyond” the person they are in now.

– People can quickly enter another relationship so they can feel good again, because being abandoned or breaking up may make people feel uncomfortable. This usually leads to a quick end of the relationship because the newcomer cannot cope with the needs of the other party.

People involved in the rebound relationship are always unaware of the emotions that drive their needs. They really need to spend some time solving these problems alone and calm themselves down before preparing for another relationship.

For those who have just broken up, it is important to completely lose their former companions, their relationships and their dreams for the future. Before looking for a new potential spouse, this person needs to start feeling good about himself and make a future plan. This way they can provide something for the relationship and build a healthy relationship with their new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Whenever two people are considering new relationships that are appropriate for the type of bounce relationship, it is more likely to succeed if these issues are considered and any problems are resolved and resolved. This may be a period of rapid growth and mutual understanding in new relationships, but it does require both parties to fully understand what is going on.

Just jumping into a rebound relationship without fully realizing these factors can cause everyone to be hurt, not really necessary.

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