Why game as a service will kill video games

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Video games have been around for quite some time. They are the favorite of many people in the past, and even a way to make money. Video games will soon shift from hobbies to work, especially as video and live streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch rise. Through these platforms, many people pick up their controllers and hope they will be the next gamers to let millions of people like them. As more and more people play games, game developers need to offer better products and newer products. Even if these products are not the best, they will end up spending so much money because it is a business.

When video games were first released, they were an incredible feat and were unique in their own way. Although they didn't look so good in the 80s and 90s, they offered something that even a lot of games didn't offer today. This is quality. In the past five years or so, video games have become more like a service than an actual entertainment. Slowly, the top Triple A developers started adding micro-transactions to their games, which is very different from DLC [downloadable content]. DLC is always an extension or more, making the game more playable, which in turn makes gamers more popular and wants more. The problem is that the video game attempts to unlock the hero or item by actually playing the game to sell the portion of the game that should be free or unlocked instead of just entering the credit card number. This is a recent common practice that has caused many problems, and even many countries are considering "trophy box" gambling, which is actually gambling. A trophy box in a video game means that the player uses the currency or real currency in the game to obtain a random item or a random item set. The value of these projects is now based on a scale, some players will receive rare or higher quality items, while other players are only based on odds. This is mainly for younger gamers who are more naive and willing to spend any money they spend on the game to make them look cooler or play better. Everything is just to go beyond the curve.

This practice is extremely dangerous, not only because it promotes gambling for children, but also extremely addictive. In many cases, people spend thousands of dollars to get individual items or increase their role or team. Obviously, developers don't care because it's just more money for them, but they never pay attention to the life of one person, or even what their family can do.

The main reason for implementing these practices is that developers can continue to make money even after the game is released. According to statistics, micro-transactions are more comprehensive than the game itself, and these types of game series are released every year, and the actual video game itself has hardly changed. It is extremely rare to find completed games in any store or market that does not offer micro-transactions, even if they do not affect the gameplay, it is still a major problem.

If developers want to get gamers entertained and put in their video games, then they should develop high-quality games instead of creating games that barely complete micro-transactions. The game as a service trend is slowly ruining the quality of video games. Sooner or later, people won't even be allowed to own the game. Everything is just a lease, but players still need to buy the code to play the lease, and then pay the rent to play the game or even their game. How crazy it looks! The only way that all this will change is for the player to choose to change.

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