Why is sales life insurance better than MLM or online marketing?

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People tend to buy what they want and what they need. But no one wants to buy life insurance, but buy it because it is needed. MLM usually sells the latest, latest, best ideas, things or concepts. People buy it and hope that they can use the product as a visual aid to let others make similar purchases.

One big difference from life insurance is that you can't really buy it, you can only apply for it to see if you are approved in the future. People are more likely to fill out life insurance applications to see if they are qualified to want them to be protected. On the other hand, for MLM, this is the purchase dream. But the dream will never be true. In other words, it is not required regardless of the product or service in the MLM. MLM doesn't have anything you have to have. All of this is related to wanting more emotions. MLM sales are more about the reality of hypothetical hype rather than experience.

We know that we are all dead.

In this world, we are all dead. The only way to get out of here is to die. In reality, when we die, someone will mourn for our death. The reality also says that we have to be buried, so we have to pay the price. If we don't prepare for the inevitable, it will bring difficulties to our family members and interrupt the mourning period. Not applying for a life insurance policy is like not caring about your family, and there is no burden on you.

MLM does not have that kind of power. Cell phones, lotions and pills, legal services, water filters, cosmetics, to name a few, are sold as MLM products. If your car fails in the middle of the night, the phone will be a good idea. The judge told them not to return to the court without a lawyer, which made the legal plan crucial. But will we keep the product when it needs to be used up? With life insurance, you only need to fill in once. The program is designed to protect us every day because no one can predict when death will happen.

Unexpected things happened unexpectedly

Death is always an accident. At the time of writing, a week ago I saw a teenage boy win in a high school basketball game and then lost it in a few minutes. How sad, at the moment he, his family and friends should celebrate, they undoubtedly become mourners. Believe it or not, you have not sold life insurance.

Life insurance is sold at prices that it does not have. In the title story before this paragraph, what do you think is the most important thing for your family? After my son's death, I don't think where my parents think. Wow, I am very happy that we have got a life insurance policy. To be honest, I bet they didn't even think about insurance. One thing that life insurance does is to worry about unexpected situations. You can rest assured when you have what you need when you need it. Life insurance can pay off the house so that after the breadwinners die, a family can keep their home. Life insurance can meet the needs that MLM cannot meet.

Life insurance should not be a pyramid scheme product

But what happens when a company tries to merge Life Insurance into an MLM product? Need to disappear. The public's perception of pyramid schemes is that you buy products to keep up with the latest trends. Life insurance goes beyond fashion thinking. It is part of a regulated industry and is highly recommended and respected by all financial institutions. Another difference is that to sell life insurance, you must study the state-sponsored exam and get permission through it. Although testing is not difficult, many people are scared when taking the exam.

The best part of entering the licensing industry is that those who try to mislead or harm others can be quickly deleted and banned compared to the unlicensed areas of MLM players. This protects the industry and individual efforts that really like to help those in need.

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