Why is video content now valuable for marketing?

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In today's fast-paced world of our lives, it's critical to find creative and unique ways to ensure that your products or services stand out in the ever-increasing competition. Using video content is one of the most solid forms of marketing, and its history can be traced back to the past few decades. It remains one of the most powerful and effective parts of a successful marketing strategy. With the advancement of video production and Internet technology, these limitations seem to be expanding every day. With the influx of viral videos, avant-garde and niche ads, it's hard to understand why video marketing shouldn't be used.

Video marketing doesn't take time. It is safe to assume that people prefer to watch a 2-minute video that provides the same information on a 30-minute video. If done correctly, short, powerful and memorable video marketing can make your brand from unknown to known. More and more marketing leaders advocate that marketing content should be at least half of all marketing choices for brands.

According to statistics from Marketing Week, in 2012, 70% of Google’s top 100 search results were video. With this discovery and potential, by using video marketing, you can greatly increase your views by ranking in search engine results. This gives you a more powerful platform where you can see and hear your marketing videos. In addition, if you have a well-executed and timeless promotional video in your video marketing strategy, you can use it in the next few years and get more exposure over time. This is especially true if you manage to create a viral video. It is important to point out that viral video often occurs when efforts are organic rather than forced.

Video marketing also allows marketing teams to educate, motivate and entertain in a package. An interesting market survey conducted by MarketingCharts.com shows that if 60% of consumers provide information and educate the products they are planning to buy, they will watch at least two minutes of video. This is a great way to demonstrate or realistically comment on how your product or service works, so that your customer base can understand your product in a fun environment and use inspiring slogans to help them. Find out why they should choose a product or the rest of the service.

One of the most powerful advantages of video marketing is that it can help you reach a broad consumer base [millions of people] in a short period of time without spending your entire marketing budget. With the help of cost-effective, creative and reputable video production companies, you can create unique, inspiring videos to effectively sell your products or services. Not only does this help you reach your basic audience faster, but it also allows your customers to push your content by sharing your videos on social media. In addition, as video technology becomes more open to the public, the innovative technology that video production companies can bring to you becomes more affordable. This helps you save on budget, but ensures that you get the help of quality and expertise.

There are many benefits to using video marketing, and the list of advocates for using video marketing is growing every year. To succeed in today's cruel competitive marketplace, you must stand out from the crowd, and video marketing ensures that you are well-versed in technology to achieve many messaging goals simultaneously to meet growing Internet advancements and technology adjustments. By making video marketing a priority for your marketing strategy, you'll be ready for your success in the next few years.

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