Why is video marketing so big? Cruel facts

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Whether you currently own or plan to do business online, it's wise to include marketing videos in your marketing plan. Video marketing is gaining popularity in the business world and will only grow.

Why is video marketing so big?

Let's explore.

No matter what solution you give, which products you sell, you should go where the customer is, and the number of them on the Internet is amazing. The Internet has grown exponentially since it became a staple in the 1990s. It has become an important, expanding market, and sometimes it can be used to secure funds for physical stores, if not for bankruptcy.

Think about video rental stores [such as blockbusters], as well as bookstores and music stores, which actually have a decline in the number of online competitors. In addition, whether your company is online or online, you may have a website. Why is it so important? The website needs traffic, time.

It is predicted that by the end of this year, three-quarters of Internet traffic will come from consumers watching videos.

I am following you now? Video promotes conversion and sales

In this technology-driven day and era, many consumers use products and price feedback to read local newspaper ads, and now they can view pre-purchase information via the Internet. Studies have shown that at least 40% of consumers will browse the global network before making any financial decisions, whether it's shopping online or buying goods from local pubs or malls.

Video is influential.

Video marketing is very effective, and it goes beyond other more traditional promotional methods in generating leads and sales.

Research and research have found that video goes beyond print media and direct marketing as a sales tool. Video landing page online ads have a higher conversion rate than traditional text-only ads, such as long sales letters.

The clues that video is effective in influencing potential customers are widely used. It is used by everyone at the Forbes 500 company for local business, from politicians to people next door. In turn, video can be educated, informed, encouraged to reflect, emotionally resonate, even tonal, and at the same time entertaining.

They seize and grab attention, communicate information in a short time in any place with Internet signals, and may cross all economic, ethnic and geographic differences. Video brings companies, individuals or products to the family and awareness, and increases recognition. It can be offered inexpensively or even freely, while providing the platform closest to the exposure provided by the TV, which in most cases is financially inaccessible.

Adding a lot of fuel to the growing fire of video marketing is social media. If not mentioned, the discussion of video marketing will not be complete. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat can easily, quickly and possibly spread video content while promoting brand loyalty and building relationships.

This can bring a lot of profit to the company during the customer's life.

Video sharing is more frequent than text and links combined on these platforms.

Video marketing is today's powerful sales engine, and it is also a wave of growth in the future, achieving a certain degree of coverage, adding many customers and funds to the company's warehouse. If you have a business or are considering doing business, video should be an essential element of your business marketing plan.

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