Why new home buyers should not rely on the housing inspection report of the former buyer

Not all homebuyers will eventually close the house they made the offer. When the incident happened, the transaction did fail. There are several reasons for this. The main reason is that the financial approval failed, the seller and the buyer did not get along well, the seller decided not to sell the house, and the condition of the house was worse than the buyer originally thought.

Once a home purchase is cancelled, first-time home buyers usually see other homes. The seller now wants another buyer to appear. House inspection reports are usually shared with real estate agents and sellers. Incorrectly, this home inspection report is sometimes shared with new home buyers. This is a mistake for several reasons.

The first reason is because the second buyer has no contract with the house inspector or the house inspection company. Because there is no agreement/contract, if the second buyer has problems with the house and claims that the house inspector has missed a major problem, the inspector has no responsibility to take care of them. There is no legal obligation.

Another reason is that the new home buyers did not appear in the inspection, so I don't know what conversations between the former buyers and the inspectors. This may be crucial information. Sometimes in an inspection agreement, the buyer asks not to check certain things, so the report is not as complete as the new buyer might think.

The last reason I give here is not relying on the home inspection report created for the previous home buyer, which is related to your warranty. To help sell homes, agents and vendors typically purchase home warranty for new homeowners. However, if you have not completed a home inspection for you, most home warranty companies will not fix many of your problems. I interviewed a family warranty representative who did rely on a home inspection report to determine if the stove or air conditioner was working properly when you purchased the home. If you don't have your own inspection report to verify what is actually running when you buy a home, then you are not lucky, the warranty company will not pay for repairing your damage.

If you purchase a home that has been inspected before, you will need to carry out your own inspection to be as completely protected as possible. If someone tells you that the previous home inspection report is good, then it is wrong. You are not protected at all. When a residential survey is conducted for a home inspection, the customer is entitled to an 18-month warranty period of 12 months. The residency survey also provides warranty, waterway protection, 5-year roof leak proof warranty and 90-day warranty on construction and machinery. If the residency survey is to check the customer who purchased the home, then all of this applies to the homebuyer.

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