Why non-profit volunteers should carry business cards

2019-05-15 Business No comment

You know that business people need to own and use business cards, but I think non-profit volunteers should do the same.

If you are excited about the work you do for your career and you want others to donate or join as volunteers, then when you talk to new people, take your cards with you – even those who may be interested in helping. You will show your pride in the organization and are more likely to remember your contact information in the future.

After all, you find that small pieces of paper that record some numbers are often lost or mistaken for garbage.

How many times have you written a name and number on the back of the shopping list, and when you throw away the list, forget it? I even found a name and number and wanted to know who it is and why you have it. Worse yet – you only found the numbers and didn't remember why you owned them. These things happen when people are counting numbers in the aisle of the grocery store!

In addition to convenience and efficiency, the business card conveys the impression that you are a well-run professional organization.

I recommend printing the organization's phone number and address on the card instead of your own number. However, with your board approval, you may want to include both at the same time, so individuals can call you questions. If you are in the office, please add your title to your name, otherwise just say "Suzie Smith, Volunteer".

In addition to the organization's name and contact information, it also includes a short tag line that summarizes the organization's mission. This will help people who view your card next week to remember why he or she is interested in participating in your group.

These cards don't need to be fancy, just provide information. Shops such as Staples offer very cheap printing, and you can buy cards as needed and print them on your own computer.

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