Why not contact can save your relationship

If you have done any research online, you will hear a lot about not touching after breaking up. The truth is that no connection can be a great way to actually save your relationship from further confusion – and, if you choose, get your guy back.

Going to the NC, or no contact, usually includes some changes.

1. When you talk about your predecessor, just turn off your phone and email, then reply to them or reply to them.

  2. You limit your connections with them, such as "Hello" and "How are you?", but you are not in the past, you are not talking about your relationship at all.

Usually number 2 is the best because it opens the door for future contact with your predecessor. However, if you don't use breakups as a subject to talk to him, it can cause problems.

However, no connection is very beneficial to you and your predecessor. It won't push him away. On the contrary, if your relationship is really promising, it will let him think about his decision.

Don't let yourself worry if your predecessor will forget you – he won't. In fact, you must avoid this idea at all costs. In fact, if he really cares about you, your predecessor will never forget you. If he doesn't, you should move on.

No contact really allows you to move on and heal – if you want your predecessor to return, then you need to do this.

When you haven't talked to your predecessor for a while, you have a chance to get emotional hurt. The reason for the frustration after breaking up is that you have been thinking about your predecessor for a while; just forcing yourself not to.

However, forcing yourself not to think about something rather than distract yourself is more difficult, so look for ways in the first few weeks. Try your favorite games, hobbies – the things that you find most interesting. In the next few weeks, you should look for more in-depth activities that will force you to concentrate.

Now you have the opportunity to complete the projects you have overlooked at work. This is an opportunity to catch up with learning or reading – anything you want to take care of now.

Not connected for a while – usually around 30 days – will bring you back to life. Then, at that time, you can check your current status if you really want him to come back.

If you do this, you will be in a better mood because you will think rationally, not emotionally. You will not be in the haze of the haze and confusion of the breakup, but look at things with a new look.

It's much easier to make the decision you need to make: Do you really want him to come back, and then, when you are ready, how will you get him back.

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