Why Perform Prior Art Search Before Launching New Invention?

Have you any innovative idea, advanced product or ultramodern technology that you wants to present in front of the customers in the market? Are you going to introduce the consumers about your invention? Then wait a minute. Before launching your new development always ensure whether that particular product is previously available in the market or if a patent has already been filled or granted by another developer or inventor of the same innovation. To prove your discovery original and unique, it is essential to get the patent. If you have no information about what is patent and how to search about it then read on this article because here you get the detailed knowledge about it.

Patent is the set of exclusive right or monopoly that is granted by the state to an inventor for the invention of the product or for a way of doing something unique. Patent is the part of intellectual property that is assign for the certain time duration after disclosing of the technical information about the invention to the public in a patent application. In order to grant the patent, it requires following various procedures that vary from country to country according to the laws. There are many companies that provides Cheap Prior Art Search Services to the inventors for the searching the information about the patent in effective manner without wasting time.

Prior art search means searching the information about the discovery of same product invent or disclosed to the public on before the filling date of patent. It consists of all the detailed information that has been available to the audience prior to the particular date relevant to the originality or uniqueness of the patent’s claim. Patent on the product or invention is considered as invalid if it has been mentioned in the prior art. Prior art comprises of two words “prior” which means previous knowledge and “art” means documentation and presentation. Thus in short prior art search can be defined as the process of searching, documenting or collecting the information available before particular date or time.

If you are not able to make the search then contact to the leading company that provides bundle of Prior Art Search Service with reliability and integrity at just reasonable cost with best solutions. The search includes everything such as published creative work, records of existing patents, trade shows, research reports, catalogs or lots more. Patent search is the most challenging and daunting task of discovering whether the invention that is going to be launched is already developed or invent in other part of the world. This process can become easy, less time consuming and effortless with little guidance and assistance of experienced and skilled experts having the huge knowledge about searching, preparing, drafting or filling of the patent application.

Once you have done the prior art search, you will be able to focus documenting the application for the product or the discovery that has not been described earlier in the prior patent. There are different types of prior art search such as validity, novelty, state-of-the-art and etc. Hence find the renowned company that provides comprehensive service and solution according to your needs to get the exclusive rights on the invention or discovery not launched by others.

Nimisha Ujjwal writes this article to talk about Prior Art Search Service that considered very useful for inventors. The author is known for her inventive writing and creative skills.

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