Why sales are not necessarily digital games

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Storytelling is a great teaching tool that can be used in many areas, especially sales. At our recent seminar on pain, a technology company participant shared a story about what he had experienced in a large TV store. This person enters the store to learn more about flat-panel TVs and has no intention of buying them. He just wants more information so he can make an informed decision when buying a TV and get the best price online, not at the store.

When our participants entered the store, he was immediately given a salesperson, and before he knew it, the salesperson told him all about the power and benefits of each widescreen TV. The salesperson never asked him why he was going to the store, or whether he had been to the store before. The sales staff is good, but there has never been any pain. All he did was say, “Can I help you?” Then continue to “sprinkle his candy throughout the hall” and then give our participants all the ammunition he needs to get the best deal online. The salesperson never had a chance to complete the transaction.

Salespeople often try to spill candy in the hall to make a living. They throw information and free advice, and their own time, money and resources to hire on the wall will stick to it. "If I go to participate in enough social activities, if I do enough new prospecting calls, if I talk about my products, if I ask enough people, do they need this business for them, if I do enough Cold words, then I will be successful."

Digital games are a way you can get close to your career, but it takes a lot of work and often wastes a lot of time. On the other hand, the Sandler system is all about working smarter, not harder. More importantly, if you combine the same resilience and work smartly to cope with unexpected prospects, then you will become a robot salesperson. With new, effective questioning strategies and proven sales techniques, you'll discover the prospects and deep-rooted emotional needs, pains and desires to find solutions [the solutions you can offer]. This will greatly increase your sales and reduce your working hours and stress.

Another participant in our Sandler sales program sells instruments to machine shops and other companies. This guy is very detailed and has a telephone prospecting system that he is trying to follow, but when he leaves a message, very few people reply to his call. Sounds a bit familiar? Well, this person took part in our advanced training program and he carefully followed all his results. This is what he found:

After studying the Sandler sales system for the first year, his market for mechanical processing stores fell by 5%, but his personal sales increased by 28.6%. As he worked directly on the committee, his personal income increased by the same amount. Therefore, his income rose from $93,000 to $119,598. Our sales staff attribute this to learning how to leave a valid voicemail, encouraging his potential customers to call back, and it works. Two years after the Sandler course, his sales increased by 32.3% and his income increased to $158,228. why? He became more effective when he completed the transaction. In the first two years of the training program, he increased his responsibilities by 70%. Most importantly, his success will not happen without the prospect of learning an accident. pain.

By the way, if you are one of those who believe that "you can't teach old dogs new skills," check it out. This guy is not a child. When he started learning Sandler's way, he was about 50 years old and still made great improvements. I am happy to say that after 14 years, he continues to participate in and take advantage of our Presidential Club course. The sales leader is committed to being at the forefront of his industry sales knowledge curve and serving his family, himself and his own retirement.

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