Why urbanization has driven the development of the self-service storage industry

New research shows that an incredible 82% of Britons now live in urban areas.

While it may not be surprising that our key staff want to live close to work and all amenities, the growing demand for urban housing means that people are forced to become smaller and more expensive homes.

Although the number of people in each household has increased, the average one-bedroom apartment is now only 47 square meters [505.9 square feet].

As the living space is getting smaller and smaller, the house prices are getting bigger and bigger, it forces more people to enter the renting house, and the first-time buyers are getting older. In 2001, 17% of the UK population was renting, and today in 2015, this figure has risen to 25%.

In addition to those who are struggling to afford a suitable home, even many people who once lived in a reasonable size house or apartment were forced to downsize.

This is certainly not a good thing for any of us, but one industry that is benefiting from it is self-service storage. In fact, the annual report processed by FEDESSA shows that throughout Europe, the industry is showing signs of steady growth, more units are being built, existing units are expanding, and new start-ups are becoming commonplace.

However, what is the connection between housing crisis and self-storage? Because many of us are forced into smaller homes, it is difficult to store all our loved ones. In fact, a large part of the population can only afford a house instead of a house, which means they are losing valuable storage because they don't have a loft, garage or garden.

If people really don't want to scale down or not grow up because of their family, they will choose to turn the different rooms of the house into bedrooms. For example, research is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, as many people are forced to turn this extra space into a more viable living arrangement.

Sometimes we may just be forced to abandon what we don't really need, but sometimes we want to master necessities or emotional items. Due to limited family space, people choose to store their collections in self-service warehouses. Fast, convenient and incredibly safe, it's not hard to see why this has become a temptation choice.

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