Why video marketing should be your flagship advertising medium

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Video marketing is the ideal medium for increasing website traffic and attracting potential customers. If you do it right, it also has the ability to help improve your search engine rankings. Unfortunately, too many online business owners tend to ignore the effectiveness of such ads, so they avoid this practice.

Instead, most Internet marketers tend to focus on content marketing. While this approach certainly doesn't have any problems, Google's recent updates do make it harder for you to reach content-only goals. Cisco Systems estimates that by the end of 2013, approximately 90% of network traffic came from video marketing. This is a powerful statistic that you really don't want to ignore. So let's take a look at the real power behind video marketing and what you can do to take advantage of it.

Why is video marketing?

People who browse information online are often too busy to read long articles or pages that fill content. They may browse important information, but if it is not really appealing, then people may jump to the end. In contrast, video marketing is more dynamic. It is visually stimulating. It helps capture both attention and information.

Video marketing also gives you the opportunity to build personal and commercial brands. You can build trust among your customers while increasing their familiarity with you. More importantly, if you really don't like to write content for your website, the video will make it easy for you to choose to still communicate. Just in front of the webcam and record the information you provided yourself. It's really easy – but it's very powerful at the same time.

The secret to creating a good video

The videos you create for your video marketing work don't need to be a lot of high quality professional-grade videos. However, you still want to focus on providing high quality products as much as possible. This helps provide a more professional image for you and your business, but if you just started, it won't exceed your budget.

Most people realize that marketing videos are created using a webcam, smartphone or camera, so you can have some informal discussions about your presentation. Otherwise, you can easily create or edit all the other things you do using your computer and some simple hardware and software programs. Here are some things that can help you create a good video.

Video equipment

In order to create your video, you need to use the right equipment to get everything done. Of course, you can use any camera or webcam to record your own speech or provide information. Many people are using smartphones to record video for video marketing. Smartphones are easy to use and make it easy to upload videos to a video sharing website.

Good lighting

Even if you use a basic webcam to record video, you can improve quality by ensuring adequate lighting. Make sure you have a lot of light on your face. A light behind the webcam can help you. This will eliminate shadows and help make your presentation look more professional.

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