Will the WSO or Warrior Special Offer cause all Internet marketers to go bankrupt?

2019-05-05 Online No comment

A very popular way for Internet marketers to sell effectively, get a lot of traffic, and often test new products on the market by offering special offers on the Warrior forum. With this system, it solves the problem of posting private offers for members of the forum. In other words, you can sell the product for $20 outside the forum and sell it for $10 in the forum.

It has changed recently because branches can now promote these special offers within the Warrior Forum. Fortunately, if you do this, these will not make you unemployed, because this warrior forum has become accustomed to the $10 mentality, many products are of low quality, you can still enter the market in the Warrior forum. Use it as a source of traffic as a source of potential customers.

One of the difficulties I encountered in many online marketing forums was that buyers were accustomed to a $10 product. This means that if you post a $10 offer on the Warrior forum, it will convert very well and you will get a lot of sales. But if your price on the forum is $30 or $100, you won't do it. It doesn't matter, but keep in mind that if you want to release mass market products, especially if people haven't heard of you on a forum or message board where people are not your subscribers, you should post a price of about $10.

Another good news is that because everything is on the internet, in many forums – many released products are of very low quality, which means that if you release a product that works well, step by step systems, a bold promise, some Your own case study, or all of the above, you will convert very well.

The key is to have something that looks new. If you have 10 hours of $10 training and what you have already used, others have used and got good results from it, no matter where you spend more, save time or any problems they encounter, Then it can be converted very well. Then all you can do is insert the WSO plus system and let others promote these offers for you as a subsidiary.

Although it seems that I have said something bad about the forum, for example, they rarely buy more than $10, and there are many low-quality quotes, you need to see it as a source of potential customers. Build a list of buyers, even if it looks like a ridiculous quote, even if it looks like a ridiculous quote for a $10 offer, post it to get affiliate promotions, then get them on your email subscriber list, And promote bigger, better, higher price offers to them.

In order to accommodate the special offer for soldiers, please go to the Warrior Forum and immediately release a $10 discount. Make sure you stand out from the many low-quality offers and put your buyers on the email list so you can sell, talk to and sell to them later.

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