Windrush generation

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400 years of rigorous treatment and harsh environment from illegal abortion to illegal expulsion.

The journey of the Windrush generation has continued to be traumatic. As early as 1625, the predecessors of these people were illegally married from their hometown and sold as slaves. They were transported to the Caribbean as slaves to work in sugar cane fields to enrich the British Empire. They have made this country rich, but they have never received fair treatment.

They served in the Crimean War from 1854 to 1856. It is worth noting that the famous Jamaican-born mixed-race nurse Mary Seacole, despite being shut out by the British War Office, took care of the British army independently.

They served in the First World War and the Second World War as the British subject to participate in the rescue of fascist dictators in Europe. When the poster says "The Call of the Motherland," the UK needs their help and they answer the phone.

After the Second World War, Britain needed to replenish its labor force and rebuild its devastated economy. This time they were invited to rebuild the country. They are coming.

They worked as laborers, transport workers and nurses, and placed “greatness” in the UK. Since 1948, they have been working and paying taxes, buying houses and raising their families, and they continue to this day.

It has been seven years since Windrush came to England with the first of these pioneers, and their existence has been defined by the word "racism" since the day they arrived.

Their children are known as imaginable, physically abused and defamed for every derogatory name, their subjects subject to constant prejudice and prejudice, their hard earned wages, open racism, covert racism, institutional Racial discrimination, they endured everyone, insisted on their position and fought for justice. .

Many of them have now passed retirement age, they have experienced shootings, police harassment, atrocities and corruption, veterans and heroes.

They saw their young people and family being murdered by police and other vicious mobs on the street, and their athletes were humiliated, ridiculed and insulted.

Their children were intimidated by the skinheads and teenagers.

They participated in the funeral of friends and family members who died during police custody, inexplicably.

Whether they are predecessors or future generations, they are fighting for tears. Perhaps Enoch's speech should be called "the river of tears."

But no one saw their pain, no one saw their pain, no one felt their loss or lamented their abuse. And now by 2018, due to the serious negligence of the government, they must completely destroy their lives again.

harsh environment! I will say that these people have had several cruel and severe treatments, mainly in the hands of the British.

From 1625 to 2018, persecution, abuse and exploitation continue.

Compare it.

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