Women’s Writes Content Blogging Workshop

Women's Writes Content Blogging Workshop
Note: This workshop is open to all Women of Colour  If you are in need of a boost when it comes to developing exciting content or if you simply want to improve on your current ideas, then this is the workshop for you.  Join us on July 28th where journalist and writer Rahul Verma, who has contributed to publications including Metro, The Guardian, Vice, The Independent and Mixmag, will be imparting valuable tips on how to generate content ideas, discussing formatting, how to get your writing to reflect who you are and much more. The workshop will also include a practical element where you can work on your own writing and ask any questions you personally have so that you get the most out of your time.  The aim of the workshop is to help you identify what content works best for you and to build your confidence in thinking outside the box when it comes to presenting your writing.  Be sure to come along for this evening workshop for inspiration, motivation and an incredible support system.  A workshop ticket is £5 however we are not profiting from this event, the money will go towards assisting in venue costs.  We look forward to welcoming you!  Priya Changela, Safeera Sarjoo and Hasina Dabasia

at Royal Asiatic Society
14 Stephenson Way
Peckham, United Kingdom



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