WordPress Web Design tutorial: designing your top level web page templates

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    • avatar Erklärfilme – Der Lichtspieler 1

      Thank you for this nice video!

      • avatar Derrick Thornton 1

        What if you're trying to design a social media'ish page? examples, tips? Thanks in advance, Owen

        • avatar orglancs 1

          This is very clear and accessible. Thank you. But the problem for me is not the designing, it's getting the design onto the screen and the step before that, getting it down onto my hard drive, so I can then post it to my site. Where do we go after the end of this video, please?

          • avatar arun chaudhary 1

            helpful video man…….

            • avatar Christian Sianturi 2

              I typed the links and it says "Page doesn't seem to exist"

              • avatar vega bond 1

                hey dude u r really helpful to making thing simple… thank u.. share us more..

                • avatar Taylor Ossenfort 1

                  you told me what to do, but not how to do it. i'm lost

                  • avatar nikita Sachdev 2

                    thankyou sir! this is very helpful :)

                    • avatar A Singh 2

                      Thank you Owen – just subscribed. The link looks good – although the email comes over with the salutation : Hey [[firstname]],
                      you may want to fix that! Great work.

                      • avatar Tartam Vani 1

                        sir nice to see your video on WordPress Web Design Tutorial… one question, Can we design an interactive web page with the help of WordPress (interactive means online transaction, online selling of books or any product) ?

                        • avatar Branding Los Angeles 2

                          Thanks for sharing your insight! Great visual representations throughout as well!

                          • avatar Pier Bottero 2

                            Owen. Thank you very much for this video. Thats exacly the kind of think I was looking for but it seems to be not that easy to find. Most of the stuff you find when you search for " Creating a Website Layout" turns out to be a Photoshop tutorial where they show how to put the Ideas that you already have on PS, but not to skecth them up.

                            I'm doing this web thing for about an year and one of the things that I'm strugling with is how to create a layout, based on the content. Like, "whats the best way I could put the images I have on the website interacting with the text? Do I use text over image?" "How can I divide my webpage? Sections? Colums?"

                            I know that seems to be basic but I feel bad to just look for a template that looks cool and make my website out of it.

                            What I'm looking for is some advice on how to draw a website on a paper sheet. How to plan it. Just like you do in this video.

                            If you have more videos on that direction or if you know any book or website that talk about it I'd love to know.


                            • avatar Wordpress Blogs Benefits 2

                              Rich contents to learn from!