Workplace communication – the importance of mutual understanding between management and employees

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The importance of good WorkPlace communication

In today's world, good workplace communication is becoming more and more important, which is a recognized fact.

Workplace communication between management and employees, between individual employees, and even between management teams can easily be strained by a lack of good communication skills.

Need management and staff to communicate

This article will focus on the need for proper workplace communication between management team members and company employees, although the same basic principles can be easily extended to most other communication areas.

When dealing with company employees at all levels, it is critical that managers use good workplace communication. Distrust of the manager is often the result of an employee’s unfounded suspicion of manager behavior.

Rumors about dismissal, layoffs, wage freezes and similar events are not far below the surface in any workplace, and the entire company can only have one incident.

a practical example

Take real life as an example to illustrate how these things happen so easily.

I know that a company has cash flow problems due to difficult trading conditions. It is impossible to decide to give employees a raise in that year. A few weeks later, a director of the company came to work on a brand new Jaguar purchased by the company.

The resulting confrontation, and in some cases the complete hostility to the manager, is easy to imagine.

The manager tried to explain the situation with all his skills. He tried to downplay it and mentioned that the car had been scheduled a long time ago, when the company's trading conditions were much better. Then he went on to explain that although the car was an expensive Jaguar, it was actually a veritable Ford Mondeo.

These explanations for him could not satisfy any of his employees, and this situation is still remembered today after a few years.

Your response?

Now I want you to think about this situation. I am not going to provide all the answers in this article. I would like to encourage you to consider your workplace communication skills and decide how to deal with this situation. Do you use different explanations?

The answer you decide will depend on your own personality and the people you must work with.

I hope that by encouraging you to focus on your workplace communication skills for a few minutes, this article can help you become a better manager and better communicate with your company's employees.

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