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One of the first things you must consider when writing a feature story is the target audience. Is it for the general public or for a specific group of readers? For example, if you are writing for a lifestyle magazine reader or a lifestyle part of a newspaper, you need to consider whether you should write from a third or second person perspective?

Most feature stories are written from a third person. The exception to using a second person is that the story is about "what should you get", for example, an occasion or a holiday. Few people are the first to write, unless the author is describing his or her own experiences.

Take the first paragraph of a special report on entrepreneurship written by a third person as an example:

  • Two years ago, due to the economic recession, John lost his job. He believes that this is only temporary, he is actively seeking employment, while improving his skills through short courses. Today, he is still unemployed. At the age of 41, he was forced to consider self-employment and entrepreneurship, but hesitated because he was an employee throughout his career.

If the first paragraph was written by a second person, it is:

  • You are an employee throughout your career. Two years ago, you lost your job due to the economic downturn. I believe that the recession is only temporary, you are actively seeking employment, and at the same time improve your skills through short courses. Today, you are still unemployed.

As you can read from the two methods, the third person's voice is more attractive to the reader than the second person, because unless it is a call to action, no individual involvement in the story is required. If you're writing for a life magazine that showscase shopping items, then you can use a second person. But for a news feature that aims to convey information that contains facts and recommendations, this is not very good.

When writing a news feature, you should consider four components: Anecdote, introduction, fact, from

 with Subject statementfrom


One anecdote from

 A third person should be written as a narrator in a news report. The purpose of this is to use the content "pull" to attract readers to read novels or story books. In order to succeed, at least one anecdote should be included to help the reader imagine the "reality" of a situation or the life of a person who is told in anecdotes.

Features should also include facts and references to human perspectives of interest. fact from

 It may be that the research finds quantitative content, official statistics or actual events that people have witnessed:

  • According to official data from the human resources department, the current unemployment rate is 4.5%.

Quotes from

 It is a true record of the witness's event or an oral comment by the respondent. Quotes can be direct or indirect. Direct and indirect citations are necessary to make the feature story credible and interesting.

Direct citation is the actual spoken language of the respondent:

  • “I have been an employee throughout my career,” said 41-year-old John Doe, who was laid off.

An indirect reference is an interpretation or rewriting of the actual word spoken by the respondent:

  • John Doe, 41, said he was an employee throughout his career.

Subject statement from

 A sentence that links the original theme of a story to the various parts of the feature. This is especially useful when there are multiple sections or story points that need to be expanded in different areas of the function. The purpose of the topic statement is to get the reader back to the topic of the story.

This feature report is usually written in each paragraph, pulling the reader forward to read the closing point or conclusion or instruction to proceed. The story is usually ended by drawing the reader's attention to the point in the guided paragraph that is told, but adds knowledge about the subject.

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