Writing Brilliant Blogs – Business Women Australia Perth WA

Writing Brilliant Blogs - Business Women Australia Perth WA
Join us at our August Lunch & Learn at HHG Legal Group  Hear how to craft a truly brilliant blog post with Clare McAlaney, Creative Architect and Founder of Creatavision Publishing Australia. More businesses are writing articles and blogs to showcase their value online. Even traditional accounting and law firms are blogging. Clare shares her expertise as a writer and publisher on the real benefits to writing online and what mistakes to avoid. Learn the five fundamentals to follow to write a blog so brilliant, that when people read it, they want to come back for more. A brilliant blog post motivates people to comment, share, engage and even purchase. If you want your blog posts to be truly brilliant, join us at this Lunch & Learn. Seats are limited to 16 so book early to avoid disappointment. About Clare McAlaney Creatavision Publishing Australia Clare is a Premium Member and has partnered with BWA to publish two books in the last two years featuring inspirational women achieving extraordinary outcomes. A dynamic business leader with over 20 years experience in marketing and global brand strategies, she founded Creatavision in 2003 and left the corporate world to run her company full-time in 2005. Clare has worked as a designer with blue chip brands like Bulla Dairy, to small to mid-sized businesses. Between March 2013 and today, Clare has designed and published an incredible 12 major books plus a number of smaller ones. Clare supports others to write and publish their dreams with private sessions and group workshops. Numerous BWA members have benefited from her expertise and publishing process. Clare relocated from Bali, with Bill, to set up home in Perth early this year. Success Circles and Lunch & Learns provide professional development and knowledge sharing for: business owners entrepreneurs executives and managers professionals women on boards emerging leaders women who desire growth and real connections More than networking! MEMBERSHIP is open to all women in business.  To find out more and to recieve benefits including discounts to events, CLICK HERE

at HHG Legal Group
16 Parliament Place , #1
Perth, Australia



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