You Can Improve Asset Management With Truck GPS Tracking

Managing a fleet of trucks can be a daunting task, especially when one tries to do it without the best available tools. The tool needed by every fleet manager is truck GPS monitoring. Because fleet management and monitoring applications are GPS based you will always know the exact location of every vehicle every minute. But this is only the beginning of the information available to you and your drivers and dispatchers 24/7 with a state-of-the-art truck GPS monitoring system.

Cell phones have made GPS technology widely available and recognized. The way the technology works is quite simple: a device placed in each vehicle sends signals to a communication satellite and then bounces back to your monitoring center. Your truck GPS connection to a global mapping system will show you on a single screen the precise location of every truck in the fleet. If necessary, you can also use satellite imaging to view the streets and other features near your trucks.

Truck GPS technology also allows you to map out the best route - even specifying truck routes - for your drivers to take. You can choose the most direct, the fastest, or even the route that is most fuel efficient. And while the truck is en route you can monitor traffic patterns and tie-ups, redirecting the truck around things that would cause extended idling time or lost travel time.

Investing in truck GPS tracking and monitoring can even help you safeguard your trucks and the cargo. These devices can be used to prevent theft and to assist in locating and recovering the truck quickly if it is stolen. Whether you want to use a geo-fencing capability to limit where the truck can be driven or you want to disable the starter, these devices are effective tools in truck safety. These truck GPS system capabilities can also be used to prevent unauthorized use of vehicles by employees.

For about $ 300 each, you can place a truck GPS device in every truck; and installation takes only about 30 seconds. Then once you purchase the tracking software and monitoring service you can start gathering truck location information. But there is more data that this at your fingertips. Your system will also gather and build historical information about truck use, routes drives, fuel economy, maintenance, service, repairs, and drivers. Many company owners indicate that they pay for the entire system with money saved on fuel costs in the first year alone.

As you receive information from each truck GPS device, you will be able to better manage your fleet. You can manage servicing and repairs, tire safety, and work with drivers to correct bad habits and achieve maximum fuel efficiency. With the GPS device you will be able to monitor and correct the habits that reduce fuel efficiencies and save a significant amount of money on fleet operation.

The U.S. Department of Energy conducted a recent study of fuel efficiency and other maintenance costs for vehicles driven in particular ways and at specific speeds. A few of their most significant findings relevant to truck GPS tracking are:

- Running at 60 mph instead of 50 or 55 requires 73% more horsepower from the engine; running at 70 mph uses 159% more horsepower.

- Increasing highway driving speed above 50 mph adds 1 1/2 times more fuel for every mile per hour increase; at 60 mph you use 15% more fuel and at 70 mph, 30% more.

- Drivers who cruise at 70 mph double the wear and tear on tires over those who cruise at 50 mph.

- Vehicle maintenance cost will increase by over 75% when a vehicle is driven at 70 mph instead of 60 mph.

Many other studies have revealed a connection between various unsafe driving behaviors and increased fuel use. Leaving a vehicle idling either in traffic or while inside a building burns a huge amount of fuel. Flooring the accelerator when pulling away from a stop light causes a huge drain on the fuel tank. And racing up to an intersection and slamming on brakes is hard on the brakes, the engine, the transmission, and fuel use. A truck GPS system can, however, help you identify and correct these problems and save money on fuel.

Quite simply, you can achieve better management of a fleet with truck GPS monitoring. You can protect the trucks with timely servicing and early repair of mechanical problems. You can also address unsafe or inefficient driving habits by drivers. Further, you can put a stop to unauthorized use of company vehicles, end employee fraud, and simplify your payroll and accounting processes with your truck GPS monitoring system.

To learn more about truck GPS, claim your free report "7 Ways Your Company Can Save Thousands of Dollars With GPS Fleet Tracking." Many companies have substantially increased their revenue and decreased their costs by implementinga GPS tracking system for their fleet. To calculate the ROI for your company in under 30 seconds, see the truck tracking ROI calculator.


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