You need a miraculous relationship

We are all in this place. However, another grief falls on us.

In the process of breaking, there is a relationship that destroys us.

Whether this relationship is complete or not is irrelevant. There are serious problems in both aspects of the relationship: especially absent, but it also exists. Ask the spouse who has dementia. What is so precious is forever lost. Sometimes it is absent like the most cruel way.

It's not just about marriage; it's about the best friendships, college and professional partnerships, and a variety of designated soul mate relationships – some of which we've never designed and never thought might work.

This is about any grief that affects your relationship with a miracle. Sometimes a miracle is that you can let the relationship go. This process is a step-by-step learning, taking the courage to take risks, bringing life back from us and respecting convincing truth.

Maybe you are not ready to let go. Sometimes the miracle you seek is the power that keeps you going.

I hope to have the confidence to persist or let go,

But tomorrow, I believe how much power it needs.

Frequently happening

Five or fifty years ago, we united in various situations and circumstances that we may or may not have predicted.

Glue is formed between us, and although things are good, they are very healthy and productive. This is not just the love we share. Through the power we share, there is a very elusive thing between us. The most frustrating thing is that we can only prove the potential relationship between us or both of us.

Maybe they didn't let us move on. Maybe we have to move on. Things that happen too often are to unlock; fate or death. It happens sneaking suddenly, or we can see it coming. Sometimes a warning occurs and it flows in whenever communication methods are used up and still does not respond.

The broken relationship completely deconstructs the identity we have built together. It reconfigured our philosophy of life. It shocked our core. It can bring us back to us. It allows us to question who we are. It can bring us waste.

Answer …

"…unless you deliberately try to restore and strengthen [damage] the relationship, it usually worsens."

– Ken Sande, The Peacemaker, p. 219.

Reconciliation is a strange concept. It is highly transferable. We can see that we have reached various agreements with ourselves, but these agreements are just what we can imagine. Sometimes their terms are completely unimaginable. We need to be prepared for repentance.

There are countless possibilities in coordination, whether it is the reality between people, the revival of a situation that once existed, the result of coordinating it, and every breed between them.

Sometimes reconciliation is impossible, and acceptance is the destination that hopes to eventually resurrect. The necessary cut-off occurred. A moving ring heals and recovers. In these cases, acceptance is a settlement.

The only thing we can do is to respect the truths mentioned above – we need deliberate efforts. If we have already made such an effort and will not help, we will accept it. If the effort continues unnecessarily, then let's do it; we are called the patience season that can last for a year or five years, or ten years or more. We are the wisdom to leave it to God.

Some deterioration reminds us of the efforts we are dealing with

Let it regain its vitality.

Other deterioration is purely beyond our control.

All the worsening relationships inspire us to pray.

We first pray for peace.

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