Your Blog As A Home Business: Making It Happen

Blogs are mainstream now, and if you don’t already have a blog, you may be thinking of creating one. But did you know that you can create an entire home business around a blog? Many bloggers have already done so, and they’re making much more than they would make at a conventional job.

So if you’ve been hearing about the big bucks to be made in blogging, let’s look firstly at the kind of blog you could create, and then at how to get started blogging as a home business in three steps.

There are many different kinds of blogs.

You could create a blog to sell a service which you or others provide. This can be any kind of service – coaching, virtual assistance, writing, designing – any service which can be provided online.

You could create a blog to sell products and receive a commission on the sales. Many bloggers are affiliate marketers (selling on commission). They sell a wide range of goods and services from their blogs.

You could create a blog in an area in which you’re widely experienced – perhaps you’re a retired or current financial advisor, or you’re a _________ (fill in the blank with your occupation.) There are blogs run by cooks and gardeners – you can blog about any area you choose, and sell advertising on your blog to get an income.

The type of blog you choose to create depends on your own interests. Read as many blogs as you can, and sooner or later you’ll have an epiphany, thinking “I can do that!” and you’ll know the type of blog which would be perfect for you.

Once you’ve decided on the type of blog to create, it’s time to develop a business plan – this is the first of just three simple steps to turn your blog into a business.

1. Write a business plan for your blog

Don’t panic – this business plan is very simple. Just write down what you’re doing, what you need (a domain name? Hosting? Or a hosted blog?), and what funds you have to invest in your project.

You can also create some scenarios: how much your blog will earn for you in one year, three years, and five years.

One of the most important areas of your business plan is a marketing plan. Write a few sentences about how you will promote your blog – promotion is vital.

2. Follow your plan, schedule blogging into your daily life

With your business and marketing plan created, it’s time to schedule your blogging activities into your daily life.

Add your tasks to your calendar, so that you don’t forget them. The one single trait which will help you to turn your blog into a home business is consistency, both in posting to your blog, and in marketing your blog.

This leads us to our third and final step.

3. Focus on creating content, and on creating income

To turn your blog into a home business, your blog needs content. When you’re just starting out, you won’t have much content, so creating content is your first priority.

With some content created, you can start marketing your blog, so that you attract readers.

Within a short time – around three months on average – your blog will begin earning an income. Over time, that income will grow, and before you know it, you can ditch your day job and focus on your blog as your home business.

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