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Google Shopping is a quick way for consumers to shop online. Does this mean that Google Shopping is the right way for suppliers and retailers to enter the market? Is it suitable for low cost or high price products? How easy is setup and maintenance? You will see the return on your advertising spend [ from

Return on investment from

 ] Use Google Shopping or a "Loss Leader" promotion to let shoppers upgrade and comment on your site?

What is Google Shopping?
Google Shopping is the current name for the service, allowing Internet users and shoppers to search for products and compare prices. Previously, the service was called "exciting", but the exact matching keyword phrase "Google Product Search" was also known as " from

Froogle from

 "Although the words of Google and thrift are fun, it may give advertisers the impression that people who use the service are only looking for cheap deals, not markets that buy quality products at reasonable prices.

Google Shopping displays images, profiles, and ratings for related products to potential customers’ searches. Images and ads are above the natural search results.

Some people may mistakenly believe that through Site Optimization [SEO], you can get your product in the shopping section of the results. While search engine optimization will definitely help the site and will definitely help the products in the shopping department, Google Shopping is not part of organic search results, and displaying your products in the shopping section requires paid advertising. Google Shopping is a "derivative" or other means of advertising through Google AdWords.

In other words, don't delay because you have to spend money to promote your product. Like all Google ads, Google Shopping can deliver a huge return on investment if set up and managed properly, and can be a very economical way to sell.

Since January 2017, merchants have earned 52% of their clicks on retailer marketing and have exceeded their clicks on "text ads" for the first time. If you are a retailer – Google Shopping is offering the volume.

Will Google Shopping bring good returns to advertising spending [ROAS]?
Every savvy business owner knows that the success of a thriving business comes from getting sales at the lowest possible price. However, you usually involve costs, raising awareness or promoting products. This can be the cost of printing and distributing flyers, creating advertisements and buying TV ad slots. If you are a retail commitment, simply posting a promotional poster will cost you. All of these costs are referred to as “advertising costs” and should be measured to determine the revenue or “return” generated by the expense.

While measuring returns directly from posters, radio or TV commercials can be a challenge, with Google Shopping, you can measure the return on your advertising spend in tiny detail, allowing you to make around your budget and "return on ad spend." Reasonable business decisions" [ from

Return on investment from


How to measure ROAS correctly
How does Google measure from

Return on investment from

 May be different from your normal understanding of the term. It will definitely be different from your financial controller or accountant’s understanding. from

Return on investment from

 . If you're setting goals or targeting in a Shopping campaign, it's important to fully understand the differences in accepted metrics.

First, let's take a closer look from

Return on investment from

 Indicated in Google AdWords. from

Return on advertising expenditure from

 It is Google's term defined as "sales divided by advertising expenses." So if you invest £1 and your return is £5, then Google will measure it as a 500% return. But in financial terms, from

return from

 It is widely believed that in addition to the initial investment, there is profit. So if you invest £1 and you come back for £5, this is not a 500% return, and that is a 400% return. You get an initial £1 return and £4 extra income and get a 400% return.

So does Google Shopping provide a good return on investment?
Simply put, it costs £1 and the income generates £X. The answer is “yes”. If you increase this cross-selling opportunity and extra sales through remarketing, the answer is loud "Yes!"

In early 2017, Google released data "by category" for the past 12 months. Although this seems to be in the US shopping market, there is no reason to suspect that similar results cannot be achieved in the UK.

We’ve seen it in all Google Shopping. from

Return on investment from

 [measuring the way Google measures from

Return on investment from

 Percentage return from 226% [home products] to 993% [watches and jewelry], the average return rate for all categories is 542% from

Return on investment from


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